2 Key Benefits That Result From Getting a Tooth Bridge in Philadelphia

Some of your teeth have to go. Once the extractions are done, it’s time to think about how to replace those missing teeth. In some instances, opting for a tooth bridge in Philadelphia is the best solution. What advantages will a tooth bridge provide? Here are two examples to consider.

Chewing and Speaking is Easier

A tooth bridge in Philadelphia helps to maintain an even distribution of pressure when you chew. That makes it easier to eat your food effectively. See that quality as one way to improve your digestion process.

In terms of speaking clearly, a full set of teeth makes it much easier to pronounce certain words. You won’t have to concentrate so hard to have the words come outright. Once the bridge is in place, you’re likely to find that people understand you with less difficulty.

Your Remaining Teeth Don’t Drift.

Gaps can cause the surrounding teeth to shift slightly. That’s typically called drifting. As they move and lean, your bit becomes less effective. Choosing to invest in a tooth bridge in Philadelphia helps the remaining teeth stay even and where they belong. Along with maintaining a beautiful smile, teeth that are even and straight are much more natural to brush and floss properly.

Would a tooth bridge be right for you? The only way to know for sure is to have a word with your dentist.

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