4 Reasons to Install a Catalytic Air Pollution Control System

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As a business owner, you know that your workers are the backbone of your operation. That is why you want to provide them with an environment where they can produce at their best and feel safe. One way to do this is by installing air pollution control systems in your buildings. This blog post will cover reasons why companies should install catalytic air pollution control systems for better worker safety and improved production levels!

Catalytic Pollution Control Systems Are the Best Way to Control Air Pollution

This is because catalytic systems offer state-of-the-art technology that can be used on any fuel type, which makes it easier for businesses with a variety of fuels and equipment types to lower their emissions. Furthermore, these systems don’t use huge quantities of fuel like other systems, which saves businesses money.

The System Includes a Catalyst, An Adsorbent and a Scrubber

The catalyst is a substance that increases the rate of chemical reactions and helps change pollutants into less harmful substances. The adsorbent captures pollution before it can escape into the air. Finally, the scrubber removes any remaining particles from exhaust gases with water or other liquids so they don’t release additional emissions

This System Can Reduce Emissions by 95% or More

The catalytic system removes at least 95% of all the harmful emissions from furnace exhaust and engine tailpipes. That’s a significant improvement on other systems that don’t include scrubbers, which can remove only about 50%.

It Is Also Capable of Removing Odors and Toxic Gases From Industrial Exhaust Fumes

Another great benefit of this system is that it can remove odors and toxic gases from industrial exhaust fumes. This makes the environment much more pleasant for workers, which increases their satisfaction with their workspace.

If you’re interested in using catalytic air pollution control in your business visit Air Clear, LLC at https://www.airclear.net/.