Adding A Stash Jar Selection To Your Dispensary

People who enjoy the experience of quality cannabis or hemp products like to have a way to display their purchases. This is true for those using cannabis for both medical reasons as well as for those recreational users in states and areas of the world where marijuana is legal.

Dispensary owners can take advantage of this by adding a stash jar inventory to their dispensary products and accessories. Having a range of different jars with cool features that make them unique and appealing for customers is a simple way to set your dispensary apart from the competition.

Something Unique

There are companies that focus on manufacturing stash jar lines that offer smaller sizes for personal use. Add a variety of color options, and customers can pick and choose one or more jars to quickly and easily manage their purchases.

Marketing specific brands of cannabis in the store with these unique jars, and then offering the personal use sizes for sale, creates the potential to cross-sell accessories to customers with every purchase.

Something Cutting Edge

There are some amazing options in cutting edge marijuana storage jars. Not only do they offer an airtight seal, but they also include a magnification area as well as LED lighting built into the jar. This makes it easy to see into the jar or to even compare strains and products without the need to open the lid.

The LED lighting is charged using a small USB charging cable, making it convenient for use at home. These are small sized stash jar options that are ideal for on-the-go marijuana storage in a fun, safe, and sealed container.

Personal stash jar products are a great selling item to add to any cannabis store or dispensary. To find out more about the jars we offer at Smokus Focus, see us at