An Austin Attorney Can Defend Clients Against Misdemeanor Charges

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While a misdemeanor charge may not be as serious as a felony, it can still have effects on a person’s future. Misdemeanor convictions in Texas often involve fines and jail time, and a criminal record may keep a person from working or going to college. A misdemeanor lawyer in Austin realizes how important it is for people to keep these charges off their records, and that’s why they provide effective, reliable legal representation.

Texas Misdemeanors

Texas courts recognize three kinds of misdemeanor charges, including:

Class C misdemeanors. These offenses are punishable by a maximum $500 fine and they include traffic violations, open container possession, criminal trespass, and underage DWI.

Class B misdemeanors. A person may receive a 180-day jail sentence and a $2000 fine. These crimes include first DWIs, possession of a maximum of four ounces of cannabis, prostitution, filing false police reports, and theft valued at $20-$500.

Class A misdemeanors. Here, a person may spend up to a year in jail and pay fines up to $4000. This category includes illegal firearm possession, multiple DWI offenses, stalking, burglary, and assault with injury.

While the nature of these offenses varies widely, the potential for lifelong consequences does not. Contact a misdemeanor lawyer in Austin for a skilled defense to these charges.

Defense Strategies

The firm’s goal is to investigate a case’s facts and determine whether a client’s rights were violated. If procedures weren’t followed, an attorney will ask that the charges be dismissed. When cases proceed, the lawyer will seek a favorable outcome that keeps the client’s record clean.

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