An Injury Lawyer in Cheshire CT Represents Tenants Hurt by Carbon Monoxide

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If you have been harmed by carbon monoxide poisoning as the tenant of an apartment or rental house, you may be able to collect damages from the landlord. An injury lawyer in Cheshire, CT, represents clients in this situation.

Proving Negligence

As the plaintiff, you must be able to prove that the carbon monoxide in your home was due to the landlord’s negligence and not your own behavior. For instance, your injury lawyer in Cheshire, CT, will need to know exactly how that toxic substance accumulated in the building. Was it because the furnace had developed a crack and released fumes into the air?

Your Behavior

The problem must not have been the result of your own behavior. For instance, you should never leave your car running in an attached garage with the garage door closed. Fumes can get inside the home under those circumstances. Even with the garage door open, fumes may reach the interior of the home. The landlord cannot be blamed for this.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

The landlord’s lawyer may provide a defense that blames the tenant for not installing a carbon monoxide detector. Connecticut state laws do not require landlords to take responsibility for this installation or for replacing the devices after their expected lifespan is about to run out. The injury attorney makes the case that this does not absolve the property owner of responsibility for making sure the premises are safe. If the furnace had not been inspected annually, that is a risk factor.

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