Complexities in Amicable Divorces Handled by Family Lawyers in Mankato, MN

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Most divorcing couples want the process to move along as quickly as possible and not get mired down in litigation. Once the decision to divorce is made, they want to file the paperwork and be done with it. Nevertheless, most of these couples will need legal representation from family lawyers in Mankato, MN so that assets are divided evenly and all matters related to their children are documented with the court.

Spousal Support

In some cases, one spouse hopes to receive spousal support at least for a short time. This person may have stayed home with the kids for a number of years and needs time to find a job that pays a living wage. Child support is set by the court, usually following closely to a schedule developed by the state.

Assistance from the Higher Earner

If the two spouses still get along and were married for many years, one may even wish to help the other financially. That might involve paying for coursework at a technical college, for example. If the person who has not been earning much, if any, money has outstanding medical bills, the other may want to assist with paying. All of this should be documented with the court.

Outstanding Debt

Other complexities may have to be managed during a divorce. For example, family lawyers in Mankato, MN help couples figure out how to divide outstanding debt. Some couples have a large amount of debt owed for numerous obligations, with credit cards being the usual example.

If they owe more on their house than it’s worth, the situation must be dealt with. They have to decide whether one of them will continue to live there, but that person then becomes responsible for the mortgage; otherwise, they face selling the place at a loss. However, sometimes that may be the best solution.

Separate Lawyers

Each spouse must have a separate lawyer, as an attorney cannot represent both spouses because of possible conflicts of interest. One might hire an organization such as Blatz Law Office, and the other will work with a different family attorney. Details on this particular organization can be seen at

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