Crab meat is delicious as well as healthy

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It has long been known that steamed crab meat is among the healthiest foods that can be eaten. Crab meat is very low in calories but full of protein, minerals and several B vitamins. People living in the Chesapeake Bay area are fortunate to be able to buy crab locally but it is easy to buy crab meat online and have it shipped anywhere in the country.

Low in calories and very lean:

Crab meat is not only low in calories; most of the calories it does contain come from protein. Maryland blue crab has only 70 calories in a typical three ounce serving. Alaska king crab is a perennial favorite for many; the same weight contains 80 calories while the same weight of Dungeness crab is about 90 calories. When preparing crab try to avoid adding butter or a creamy sauce, this will keep fat to the bare minimum.

Are you concerned about cholesterol?

If you are concerned about cholesterol then crab meat is a good choice of food. At most, a person should try to limit their cholesterol intake to 300 Mg daily. The same three ounce serving of steamed Maryland blue crab is just on 80 Mg. If you want to stick with Alaskan king crab your cholesterol intake will be down to 45 Mg.

Are you worried about sodium?

When you buy crab meat online you are buying something that lived its life in the sea and seas are salty. For people with high blood pressure limiting consumption of King crab is not a bad idea, there is over 900 Mg of sodium in our three ounce serving. You don’t have to add much table salt to reach almost half of what is recommended as daily intake. If you want crab and you are hypertensive, switch to Maryland blue crab or Dungeness, either of these contains under 340 Mg of sodium and this meat is delicious with just a little freshly ground pepper. For more information, visit Harbour House Crabs.

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