Deciding Whether to Junk a Car or Schedule Transmission Rebuild in Chicago

A passenger vehicle transmission normally does not start failing until the car or pickup truck has more than 100,000 miles. If this happens, you have an important decision to make. If your vehicle is rusty and has other problems, you might just junk it. If the automobile is in good shape, though, you might schedule a transmission rebuild in Chicago.

Symptoms of Transmission Problems

Transmissions typically have noticeable symptoms before a serious problem develops. There may be hesitation after shifting into reverse, for example. Eventually, the reverse gear may quit working altogether. Sometimes the transmission will not shift into second or third gear right away, or it may become sluggish when moving uphill.

Why It’s Important Not to Delay

It’s important not to delay very long in scheduling a transmission rebuild in Chicago when symptoms like this occur. One day the driver might not be able to back out of a parking space or travel more than 20 miles per hour. Driving for long distances in second gear is hard on the engine and uses significantly more fuel than is true in higher gears.

A Suitable Option

If your car is in otherwise good condition, you may not want to junk it. A rebuilt transmission is a suitable option since it is substantially more affordable than installing new equipment. Consumer experts expect rebuilt transmissions to last nearly as long as new ones. This type of project can be completed by mechanics with S-O-S Transmissions, an automotive service you can read about at

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