Fighting Fatigue in the Office? Why a Change in Furniture Can Help

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You have a sit-down job in an office, and yet, you are fighting fatigue all the time. Why is that? Studies have shown that the human body isn’t designed to constantly stand, constantly sit, or constantly move for several hours at a time. A healthy mix is preferable, but some office jobs just do not allow for frequent movement away from the desk. If you want to battle office fatigue, maybe you need a change in office furniture. An ergonomic workstation may be exactly what the doctor ordered.

Standard Office Furniture vs. an Ergonomic Workstation

Standard office furniture is designed on human averages. The assumption that everyone sitting at an office desk is exactly the same height and weight doesn’t work. Standard office furniture is the “one size fits all” furniture that only fits a handful of people working in an office. Generally, anyone taller or shorter or larger in size is not going to be comfortable in standard office furniture and often suffers fatigue as a result.

Contrast that with setting up your workstation for optimal comfort using ergonomic furniture. Now you have a chair that is molded to your body and supports your spine. You have a desk that is the perfect height for you, and you have space to move around. Work becomes more comfortable, and you feel less fatigued sitting at your workstation all day.

Setting up Your Workstation for Optimal Comfort

In addition to ergonomic furniture, consider other ergonomic office products for optimal comfort. To find out more, contact BodyBilt.