Fire Extinguisher Tips for Homeowners in Honolulu

Fire safety in the home is extremely important. The entire family needs to know exactly what to do in case of a fire, and someone needs to be in charge of making sure that fire safety precautions are in place. Many people who own homes look for fire sprinkler inspection in Honolulu because they’ve gone the extra mile and installed sprinklers in their homes. In addition to fire sprinkler inspection, they also need to make sure that their fire extinguishers are working properly. Following are some fire extinguisher tips for homeowners.

Buy a Multipurpose Extinguisher

When buying a fire extinguisher, get a multi-purpose one. A multi-purpose fire extinguisher is one that can work on several different types of fires, including combustible fires or those made from flammable liquids. Having a multi-purpose extinguisher makes it more likely that you’ll be able to tackle many different types of situations.

Inspection Date

Make sure that every fire extinguisher in your home has a clearly marked inspection date printed on its body. Inspections usually take place about once a year, and they help ensure that your extinguisher is in good working order. If your inspection date is older than that, schedule one as soon as possible.

Make Sure That Extinguishers Are Installed Near Exits

When placing your fire extinguishers throughout your home, make sure that you place one at each of your exits in addition to other areasa throughout the home. They’ll be available to you in case of emergency, and you’ll still be near an exit.

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