Getting the Most from Your Welding Equipment

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Today’s fabrication and welding services in St. Louis face a great deal of competition. With increased competition comes the need for a more efficient operation. This not only helps you improve quality but also lowers your costs. Here are some helpful tips for increasing efficiency without breaking your budget in the process.

Pay Attention to Duty Cycles

Equipment specs should always be adhered to if you don’t wish to overtax your used welding equipment in St. Louis. For example, if a welder is designed to handle a ten-minute job, then using it for additional minutes may add a great deal more wear and tear. Over time, this can shorten the lifespan of your welder considerably.

When you find you must use equipment beyond its specifications, you might want to consider buying heavier duty equipment. This will cost more money at first, but you can save your business a lot of money over the years because you are not asking your used welding equipment in St. Louis to do more than it was meant to handle.

Maintain Cleanliness

Keeping your welders clean should be second nature and if not, you might need to provide more training or place reminder signs in strategic locations. At the end of each workweek, welder covers should be removed and the insides should be blown out with an air hose. If a compressed air source is not readily available, you can reverse your shop vac. This will provide a surprising amount of force for cleaning.

Separate Tasks for a Cleaner Workplace

Do your employees commonly perform woodworking tasks in the same vicinity as the welders? If so, this could present a problem. Sawdust and tiny particles of wood debris can sometimes become airborne and get lodged in a welder unit. This makes the shop more susceptible to fires and can lower efficiency and shorten the life of your equipment.

MIG Welding Maintenance

If your St. Louis shop has a MIG welder, it should have routine maintenance at regular intervals. When nozzles and tips become worn they must be replaced. To ensure the wire feeder works properly, the liner should be replaced every so often, depending on how much use the unit receives each month.

Hire Out Some of the Work

Do you have extremely busy times of the year? This could be a good time to outsource some of your projects. It will ease some of the burdens on your workers and equipment. In addition, you may be able to take on additional work for added profits, and this can mean a brighter future for everyone in your St. Louis welding shop. To know more visit CC Machine Tools online or call them today.

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