How To Choose And Set Up A Backdrop

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Thanks to smartphones, everyone has a camera. One of the trending features at any special event, including weddings, galas, anniversaries, baby showers, birthdays, and other special events, is to have a photo area for guests to capture a few selfies or group shots.

Creating a photo area does not have to be elaborate, but a few carefully selected items are the foundation for getting great pictures. One of the most important factors in setting up the space is to provide a suitable backdrop.

The Right Theme and Style

A greenery backdrop, which can feature green leaf sequins or actual green tropical foliage on a white background, is a perfect addition to many types of events. These backgrounds are fun and whimsical and can be combined with a variety of props in the photo area that add top to the theme of the event.

There are two different styles of backdrops. The traditional one is a draped look, which has natural folds that create a textured look in the background of photos. Choosing a greenery backdrop provides a unique look that adds to the pattern and adds an interesting and unique look to every picture.

Choose the Right Size

The frame for the greenery backdrop should be lightweight and portable but sturdy enough to hold up the backdrop and not create a drooping look in the center. The larger the backdrop area, the sturdier the frame that is required. Keep in mind that the longer backdrops may require more than one panel or curtain to create the folds and provide the right amount of coverage.

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