Mobile Home Dealers in Charleston, SC Provide Affordable Options

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Ordering a mobile home provides a family with an affordable new house. Major improvements by manufacturers over the past decades have made these structures almost indistinguishable from one-story stick-built houses and especially modular versions. That’s especially true on the inside. Mobile home dealers in Charleston, SC offer single-wide and double-wide options so clients can order the square footage and features they most prefer.

About Mobile Homes

Also known as manufactured homes, the structures are situated on a chassis with wheels, allowing them to be towed without a flatbed trailer. Double-wide models are towed in two sections and put together on the owner’s property. Although manufactured homes technically are considered portable, owners usually never move them. The structures typically function as permanent residences or vacation homes.


Single wide-mobile homes vary a great deal in size, from about 500 to 1,300 sq. ft. The average is about 1,000 sq. ft. Double-wide models range from around 850 to 2,300 sq. ft. People who want a relatively large abode but cannot afford a stick-built house of that size may consult with mobile home dealers in Charleston, SC.

Why Prices Are Lower

Mobile homes nearly always have a significantly lower price than a similar stick-built house. The building process is completed indoors, with many employees working on different components at once. There’s no need to stop for uncooperative weather. The home can be finished much faster compared with having one constructed on the property owner’s land.

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