Older Couples Need Skilled Divorce Attorney in Hollywood FL

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Couples that decide to end their marriage in their 50s or 60s face challenges younger people don’t. Older people tend to have more assets, and more complicated assets, than younger couples. These assets may be harder to divide and can leave a spouse who has been out of the workforce for decades wondering how they will survive for the rest of their life. An important first step is to talk to a divorce attorney in Hollywood FL. An attorney could help a client understand how getting divorced can impact their future financial situation.

Many times, a divorce later in life involves dividing multiple residences, a business, a stock portfolio, and more than one retirement account. Depending on the length of the marriage, each spouse may be entitled to a portion of all the couple’s assets. A divorce attorney in Hollywood FL who works with older couples understands that the financial aspect of divorce is often more complicated than the emotional aspect. In general, couples in this age group don’t have small children that require financial support, but spousal support may be arranged to help a spouse who hasn’t worked for a number of years.

All retirement accounts can be divided when a couple gets divorced as long as the judge issues a court order. If one spouse has a pension through their employer or through the military, a portion of those funds could be transferred to the other spouse as ordered in the divorce decree. A divorce attorney in Hollywood FL sometimes has to search to uncover hidden accounts their client may be entitled to before the divorce is finalized. Nonworking spouses contribute a lot to the financial success of the family and should not expect less than their fair share of the assets in a divorce.

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