Personal Injuries in Saint Paul Can Stem from a Variety of Circumstances

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Personal injuries can take on many different forms. A person may be walking down the street during the winter and may may slip on the ice because the homeowner or business owner negligently failed to clean up the ice. Or a person may be injured in an automobile accident, as a result of medical malpractice, or because of someone’s negligence on the job.

A personal injury lawyer in Saint Paul understands the ins and outs of personal injury law. They are familiar with the statutes of limitations in the state, and they can help their clients make sure they file their claim on time.

One of the biggest challenges that personal injury victims face is interacting with insurance companies. Insurance companies are primarily concerned about their bottom line. They want to make as much money and pay out the least amount of money possible to accident victims. A personal injury lawyer in Saint Paul understands the tricks that insurance companies try to play. They know that insurance companies may try to pressure an accident victim to accept a lower amount of compensation, or insurance companies may decline the claim altogether.

In these cases, attorneys may be able to represent their clients and help them push back against the insurance company, getting the financial compensation they are due because of their injuries.

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