Professional Water Service in Topeka, KS, Reduces Contaminant Levels

Although municipal water supplies are generally considered entirely safe for drinking, some men and women are skeptical. They have done enough research to know that a certain level of contaminants is deemed safe by government agencies, but they don’t feel comfortable about this. Professional water service in Topeka, KS, provides equipment like filtration systems, conditioners and reverse osmosis systems to reduce or eliminate contaminants.

Contaminant Categories

The Environmental Protection Agency has set standards for the maximum levels of contaminants considered safe. Reading the names of those contaminants is troubling to many U.S. residents, however. Some of the categories include inorganic chemicals, disinfectants and microorganisms. A professional water service in Topeka, KS, installs equipment that treats and filters the drinking water so the household residents feel more confident about it.

Goals vs. Reality

Although the EPA requires tap water to have no higher than specified levels of various contaminants, those levels are more like goals than reality in many cases. For example, the standard for lead and vinyl chloride in drinking water is 0 since no amount is considered safe. Nevertheless, investigations sometimes turn up a tiny amount of these toxins in tap water.

Improving Water Quality

Households can significantly improve the quality of their water with filtration and treatment systems. Sometimes the contaminants are completely hidden but in other cases, certain substances change the odor, flavor, appearance and even the texture of the water. Equipment installed by Lindyspring Systems, makes everyone feel better about the water they drink at home.