Signs You Need a Rodent Exterminator in Brick NJ

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Dealing with rodents can be a nightmare for home and business owners. Not only do these creatures cause great amounts of damage, but they can also carry diseases that can make humans and animals ill. Being able to recognize the signs of rodent problems in a property is crucial for seeking help from a rodent exterminator in Brick NJ.

Signs There Is a Rodent Problem

Many signs can alert a homeowner of a rodent problem in their home. Because rodents begin mating at an early age and can produce great amounts of offspring, it is essential a homeowner is proactive and works to make sure their home is free of these unwanted pests. The following are some of the signs homeowners should look for to determine whether or not they have a rodent problem.

• Grease rub marks along the bottom of the walls and baseboards

• Holes in flooring and walls

• Chew marks on furniture, walls, and flooring

• Sounds of scratching

• Squealing noises

• Noises behind walls

• Shredded nesting material

• Droppings and urine

It is rare for a person to see a rodent because they are generally nocturnal creatures and prefer to stay hidden until things are dark and quiet. If a homeowner does see a rodent or any of the above signs, they must call the professional rodent exterminator in Brick NJ.

How Does the Exterminator Remove Rodents?

Removing rodents involves several options, depending on the type of rodent and how severe the infestation has become. Live trap options are available, but this is not always effective and can be a lengthy process.

Most pest control specialists use a combination of bait stations and traps to ensure all stages of rodent life are destroyed. This method is the fastest and most effective and is especially beneficial for infestations.

If you are dealing with a rodent problem in your home, time is of the essence in getting help. Visit Dynamic Pest Control LLC so you can learn more about the pest control services they offer the community. With these services, home and businesses owners can be made free of unwanted pests that place them in danger.