Squeaking Wheels Are Common in Richmond, VA, and Here Are 3 Reasons Why

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Before you look up auto body repair shops in Richmond, VA, for a squeaky wheel, read this article. Squeaky wheels can be an unnerving sound, however, it’s not always something that you should get unraveled about. Here are three reasons that your wheel may be squeaking.

1. Worn-Out Wheel Bearings

When your wheel bearings are worn-out, you and everyone driving around you will know. Until you replace them, they’ll make a loud squeaking or hissing noise that gets louder the faster you drive.

2. Underinflated Tires

Underinflated tires can cause squeaking noises especially when you’re making turns. However with this, the squeaking would be the least of your concerns. Underinflated tires can actually wear your tires out rather quickly and before you know it you’ll need to invest in a whole new set of tires.

3. Brake Problems

You may think that the squeaking noise is coming from your wheels but the problem could actually be in your brakes. When brake pads or rotors get worn-out they make a squeaking sound. The squeaking starts off small and gets louder and louder the longer you go without fixing the problem. Eventually the squeaking will get so loud that there’s just no logical way to keep driving with all that noise. If it gets to this point, your brakes are probably in a dangerous situation. Visit website for quality auto body repair shops in Richmond, VA.

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