Start Your Day in Sarasota With a Fabulous Breakfast in a Family Restaurant

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That has been drilled into our heads from our youth. When you wake up and your belly starts growling, it’s time for something to fill you up and energize your day. A hearty breakfast served in a family operated restaurant is just what you need. Generous portions, fresh ingredients, and a friendly atmosphere will have you sipping your coffee a little slower, enjoying time with the family around the table.

What’s On Your Plate?

Smell freshly brewed coffee when you open the door. Inside, pull up a chair and get ready to enjoy homemade hash browns fried golden and crispy. Eggs are turned into omelets. Creamy grits slathered with butter go great with smoky bacon. A great breakfast restaurant in Sarasota, FL, will offer breakfast daily specials. Plates will include your choice of home fries, fresh fruit or grits. Of course, the griddle is always hot. Fresh and fluffy pancakes doused with syrup, Belgian waffles, and French toast served with strawberries and whipped cream satisfy that sweet tooth.

If you need a meal to go that will stick to your ribs, call in your order. Biscuits and gravy, corned beef hash and eggs or a breakfast sandwich made of bagel and ham, sausage or bacon will give your day a boost.

The breakfast restaurant in Sarasota, FL, should open early 7-days a week. Our family owned restaurant The Honey Tree serves fresh hearty breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. You can also connect them on Facebook.