Three Great, Fast-Growing Trees For an Amazingly Beautiful Yard in Decatur, GA

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Whether you’re looking for tree trimming in Decatur, GA, or simply seeking information about trees, you’re doing it because you know how beautiful trees can make a home look. Trees are nature’s decorative accessories, and they can add beauty and class to just about any landscape. If you don’t have any trees on your property, you’re probably interested in fast-growing trees. Following are some great examples of fast-growing trees that can help your landscaping look amazing.

Hybrid Poplar

The hybrid poplar is one of the most popular fast-growing trees around. They grow about eight feet a year, and they mature at about 50 feet high. They also provide plenty of shade, perfect for areas that get a lot of sun.

Red Maple

The red maple is another stunningly beautiful tree that grows very quickly. This is the perfect tree for people who want to add gorgeous autumnal colors to their yards during fall. The red maple grows up to 5 feet per year, and it usually tops out at about 40 feet high. Its bright, red leaves bring rich, beautiful colors to all types of landscaping.

Paper Birch

The paper bridge is another gorgeous tree. It has gorgeous, white bark that adds a beautifully unique standout tone to all types of landscaping. It also provides plenty of shade, and it has sap that can be made into syrup.

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