Three Symptoms of a Severely Diseased Tooth in Grand Prairie

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Sometimes people don’t realize how important it is to visit a dentist regularly until they show the symptoms of a diseased tooth. You may need attention from a professional if you experience any of the following symptoms:

Tooth Pain

Tooth pain is one of the most common signs that one of your teeth is diseased or infected. The pain usually starts as a small annoyance and worsens as the disease spreads and inflames the pulp.

Facial Swelling

If you experience facial swelling, you may need to see a family dentist in Grand Prairie, TX. ASAP. Facial swelling is a sign that you may have developed an abscess. That can be very dangerous if it bursts, so you must take care of it promptly.


Headaches are sometimes common issues when a person has a diseased tooth. A headache on its own may not have anything to do with tooth problems. However, you should visit a family dentist in Grand Prairie, TX. if you have a headache in addition to some of the symptoms mentioned above.

Those are just a few of the problems that you may notice if you have a diseased or infected tooth. Contact a reliable dental facility if you notice any of them. They can offer you antibiotics for the infection as well as a permanent solution for the problem. For example, you can choose a root canal, extraction or extraction with a cosmetic replacement, such as a partial denture or dental implant.

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