Tips For Making Cake Pops In NY That Can Be Easily Decorated

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When you want to make a sweet treat for a special occasion or to enjoy with your family, consider making a few cake pops. Since the small balls of cake are often easier to decorate than a large cake, you can add just about any detail that you want for any occasion. A cake pop pan can be used to get just the right size and is often easier for baking your treats so that they are at the right temperature.

Getting Your Treats Out

Before you pour the batter into the pan, you need to make sure you grease the molds. Melted butter is an option that can give your cake pops a bit more flavor instead of using oil or other types of grease. Cake flour can also be used in your cake pop pan to make it easier to get your treats to come out.


When you’re using a pan designed for cake pops, you don’t want to overfill the compartments. Since the molds are smaller than a cupcake pan or a traditional cake, it won’t take as much batter to make the cake pops. It also won’t take as long for them to bake. If there’s too much batter, then you might not get the round design that you want for the pops.


Instead of removing the cake pops when they are hot, leave them in the pan until they are cool enough to decorate. This will allow them to settle and retain their shape as well.


Place a stick in one end of each cake pop before you begin decorating. This will give you a way to hold the pop while you dip it in melted chocolate or other ingredients that you’re using. A small amount of frosting can be placed around the stick so that it stays in the cake a bit better.

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