Understanding the Advantages of Using LED Lights for Your Home’s Exterior

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Exterior lighting can add beauty, safety and value to your home. Of all the types of lighting available, LED lighting tends to offer the most advantages in the majority of applications. To help you choose the right type of lighting for your project, here are a few advantages of LED lighting when it comes to exterior illumination projects.

Uses Less Energy

Due to their design, LED lights use less energy than a comparable fluorescent or incandescent bulb. When it comes to exterior lighting, this trait has many advantages. The most obvious is that it will take less power to run your exterior lights, resulting in lower energy costs. Another advantage is that this lower power consumption will potentially allow you to run lower-gauge wiring to your various fixtures, which can save you money during installation.

Lasts Longer

When it comes to exterior lighting, the last thing you want is to be changing out bulbs and fixtures on a regular basis. In fact, the less maintenance that an exterior lighting setup requires, the better. The good news is that LED lights in Palm Beach County, FL, tend to last years longer than other types of bulbs, meaning you can arrange your exterior lighting how you want and then essentially forget about it. This means you can have confidence that your lights are constantly working to keep you safe without needing to check if all the fixtures are burning or not.

Runs Cooler

The main reason that LED fixtures use less energy is that energy is wasted as heat. This makes for a cooler-burning fixture, even after it’s been on for several hours. The advantage here is that you can put LED fixtures into confined spaces that wouldn’t necessarily be possible with other types of bulbs. This allows you to achieve a truly customized look that you can be proud of.

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