Ways to Upgrade Your Kitchen for the Holidays With Cabinet Refinishing

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What Can a Holiday Cabinet Refinishing Do?

The holidays are coming up, and it’s time to ring in the cheer with a little kitchen touch-up. People can impress their guests with a little sparkle. It all starts with a kitchen cabinet upgrade. There are ways to upgrade your kitchen for the holidays with cabinet refinishing.

What Is a Kitchen Cabinet Upgrade?

A kitchen cabinet upgrade doesn’t mean all cabinets have to be replaced. If anything, a simple refinishing will do. It’s an excellent way to revitalize old cabinets by making them look new again. The process begins with the removal of hardware followed by a basic sanding to create a smooth and even finish. Next, a durable base coat is applied, which acts as an adherent for the finish. After the finish comes the topcoat, which guards against nicks and scratches. Cabinet refinishing in Freehold, NJ helps each customer choose a color that’s right for their cabinets. Visit https://tryvango.com/blog/upgrade-your-kitchen-for-the-holidays-with-cabinet-refinishing/ to learn more.

What Colors Does Cabinet Finish Come In?

Wood finish comes in a variety of colors:

Dark walnut

Red mahogany

Red oak


Golden oak

Authentic wood colors like gold pecan and natural add an airy vibe to any kitchen. There are a variety of cabinet refinishing Freehold, NJ colors to choose from. You can follow these tips to upgrade your kitchen for the holidays with cabinet refinishing.

What About Paint?

Paint is an excellent addition to refinished cabinets, and it adds a finishing touch. A professional painter can offer a classic touch to any cabinet set with any color. Contact Van Go Painting today.

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