What Are Some of the Services Provided by Veterinarians in Barnegat NJ?

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Veterinarians in Barnegat, NJ, offer a large variety of services. Examples include dental care, surgery, nutritional counseling, and vaccinations.

What Does Dental Care Involve?

Cats and dogs can get cavities just like humans, so they need periodic dental exams to check the condition of their teeth. This is particularly true if an animal has halitosis, which can indicate gum disease or tooth decay. The vets will clean a pet’s teeth and extract them if necessary. The veterinarians can also X-ray a pet’s teeth and perform dental surgery.

What Are Some Other Services Available?

Veterinarians in Barnegat, NJ, also have boarding facilities where clients can leave their pets while on vacation. The accommodations are spacious and comfortable, and the friendly staff will provide enrichment for the animals. The veterinarians also have diagnostic equipment like X-rays to help them determine what is wrong with a pet.

When Should A Dog or Cat Be Spayed Or Neutered?

Traditionally, veterinarians had advised people to get their dogs or cats altered when they were around six months old. Today, vets now recommend getting a puppy or kitten fixed when they are as young as eight weeks old – assuming they are healthy and strong enough to undergo the surgery. Vets also recommend having a cat spayed or neutered before it reaches the age of five months to reduce the risk of pregnancy or the development of bad habits like spraying. While it is possible to spay a pregnant animal, doing so will involve terminating the pregnancy.

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