Why You Will Need An AC Repair Company in Jacksonville, FL

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It is hard to imagine what the summers in Florida would be like if we did not have air conditioning. Air conditioners have a tendency to develop problems over time. Small problems can quickly turn into a big one if they are not fixed. There are several signs that indicate you need an AC repair company in Jacksonville, FL.

Weird Odors

Your air conditioner should never have any weird odors. The type of odor can tell you what problem the air conditioner has. For example, if your air conditioner has a musty smell, then it may have mold building up inside of it. A skunk-like odor can indicate that there is a gas leak.

Your Energy Bills Have Increased

It is normal for your energy bills to fluctuate by a few dollars every month. However, extreme fluctuations are something that you should be concerned about. Your air conditioner may be working too hard and using a lot more energy than it should.

Hot Air

Your air conditioner should never blow cold air. This may be a sign of a refrigerant leak or a broken compressor.

Your Home Is Humid

The air outside may be humid. However, the air inside of your home should never be humid. The air conditioner is supposed to reduce the humidity in your home. If it is not reducing the humidity, then you will need to hire an AC repair company in Jacksonville, FL.

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