You Need to Schedule to Have a Colonoscopy Done in Jacksonville, Florida

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You have a family history of colon cancer. You have just turned 45 years old, and your primary care physician is advising you to schedule a colonoscopy in Jacksonville. They say that you need to schedule what is probably your first such test in your life. Frankly, you thought you would have more time, perhaps another 5 years before having to undergo this procedure, and endure what you’ve been told is a rather unpleasant experience.

You have older friends who have had colonoscopies in Jacksonville, and they’ve shared horror stories about the preparation for the test. They’ve told you all sorts of tales about both the before and after aspects of the procedure, which have made you very hesitant to schedule your colonoscopy.

Unfortunately, due to your family history, you need to undergo this test at an earlier age than individuals without any history of the disease. If colon cancer is detected early enough, it can be treated, and a cure is possible. Your wife tells you that this is the best-case scenario, and you must admit that you’re more afraid of cancer than you are of a colonoscopy.

You feel it’s imperative to find a gastroenterologist who is compassionate and understands your fears. You want someone who has experience with younger patients like yourself and works hard to make you feel more at ease. Additionally, you seek a doctor who performs this test at a comfortable and welcoming surgical center. Moreover, you want to engage with a practice that can provide treatment if anything irregular is found during the test.

To ensure the best experience when getting a colonoscopy in Jacksonville, please reach out to the Digestive Disease Consultants at

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