3 Signs Your Elderly Parent May Need Support from a Memory Care Facility

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Most adult children want their parents to maintain their independence. When your elderly parent is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, this status can become in jeopardy. It would be best if you watched your parent closely as this disease progresses. It is time to start looking into assisted living NJ, facilities. Read on to find out about three signs that your elderly parent may need support.

Unable to Perform Regular Tasks

If your parent lives alone, then he or she must run their household. Running a house means paying the monthly bills on time. If your parent forgets to pay bills on time, then it is sign that he or she cannot live alone.

Forget to Do Everyday Tasks

Some people with Alzheimer’s forget how to do simple tasks. For example, your elderly parent may forget how to turn on the oven. Forgetting how to turn on the stove also can lead to your parent, not eating.

Unable to Learn New Things

Learning is something that must occur at any age. Society is always coming out with new technology. You may need to learn a new way of doing something. If your elderly parent is unable to learn new tasks, then it becomes hard to live alone.

It can be emotionally exhausting when choosing an assisted living NJ, facility. Researching your options can make sure your elderly parent gets the best care. Contact or visit The Regency Memory Care Club to find a memory care unit.

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