The Types and Advantages of Installing Automatic Doors in VA

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Automatic doors come with in-built sensors that control the closing of the door upon detection of an actuating signal. These sensors are placed on the sides and top of the door and trigger opening and closing upon motion sensing or optic detection. Businesses can derive plenty of benefits from installing automatic doors in VA as highlighted below:

Advantages of Automatic Doors

Automatic doors are common in industries and businesses, especially in controlled environments in manufacturing plants. Enhanced accessibility, convenience, and effortless entry are the most popular reasons why people prefer automatic doors. Moreover, automatic doors with magnetic locks or biometric systems can improve safety in a facility by restricting entry to only authorized individuals.

Types of Automatic Doors

There are numerous types of automatic doors for commercial and industrial applications, as described below:

Roller Shutter Doors

Roller shutter doors consist of horizontal bars or slats that are hinged together. The door operates horizontally within a frame and opens or closes using a photocell, induction loop, motion sensor, or remote control-triggered access.

Sliding and Swing Doors

Sliding doors are available as top-hung and horizontal variants. The choice of the sliding door depends on the industry or commercial business. Automatic swinging doors are popular in commercial premises while telescoping sliding doors are popular in manufacturing and storage plants. The automatic swinging doors also come with polypropylene bumpers to prevent damage and guard against wear and tear.

The rise in the installation of automatic doors is attributed to commercial and manufacturing businesses’ emphasis on safety and quality. Your needs and project requirements should inform the selection of the automatic door in VA. Find out more about automatic doors at GCCM Corp.