Bail Bond or Professional Surety Bond in Tyler, TX? Which One to Get?

The small array of bail bond types can intimidate and confuse first offenders and even third-strikers. What sets a bail bond apart from a professional surety bond in Tyler, TX? The answer is refreshingly simple. In addition, quick and easy bail bonds from trusted local agencies are but a phone call away.

Bail vs. Bond

It’s common to see “bail” and “bond” used interchangeably. However, bail is an amount of money the court imposes to prevent the defendant from fleeing before trial proceedings. Bail that’s paid gets returned to the defendant upon his or her initial appearance at trial proceedings.

If a defendant can’t pay bail using private resources, a bail bond agent can post bail in the form of a bond. A bond is a legal promissory note attesting that the agent intends to cover the defendant’s entire bail amount should the defendant fail to appear.

What’s the “Surety” Part?

A professional surety bail bond is a specific type of bail bond, a must depending on the state law. An agent can purchase it through the state’s bail bonds board or through a reputable private insurance company.

Since the state bail bonds board or the reputable insurance company issues the surety bond, it has the utmost legal weight. That’s why in some states it’s important for concerned third parties to obtain professional surety bonds from well known, established local bond agencies.

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