Four Good Reasons to Work With an Independent Insurance Agency

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Perhaps you’re starting a business, or maybe you just want to save on your monthly premiums. Getting quotes is a good way to learn about your options and find the right policy, but you still have a choice: go through the quote process yourself or get a comparison from an independent insurance agency in Birmingham, AL. Here are a few reasons local independent agencies are better than corporate offices.

They’re Focused on Your Area

National companies offer great coverage, but it’s hard for a call center agent to focus on your city. On the other hand, local agents live and work in the communities they serve. With a local focus, it’s easier to get a quote that’s tailored to your needs.

Easier Rate Comparisons

This may be surprising to hear, but no insurance company can claim to always have the lowest prices. Insurance premiums are based on a range of factors, and everyone is different. A local independent agent will take the information you give and come back with the best possible quotes.


Your independent insurance agency in Birmingham, AL, works with multiple insurers, and the team uses those relationships to help you find the right policy regardless of which company it’s from. Independent agencies aren’t looking out for the insurance companies; they’re looking out for you.

Personal Relationships

Because they work with you and various insurance companies, local independent agents can customize coverage to your needs. As your family’s or business’ needs change, they can stay a step ahead and come up with suggestions that will help you.

Local Agents are a Smart Choice

Rather than spending hours getting insurance quotes or not comparing prices at all, call an independent insurance agency in Birmingham, AL. You’ll get unbiased advice from an industry expert who is invested in your success.

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