Water Leak Detection is Essential to Save Your Scottsdale, AZ, Home

Water leaks from plumbing fixtures, pipes, and fittings are not only a major source of wasted water, but leaks can also cause serious damage to your home. Most homeowners will eventually face the problem of moisture behind walls, ceilings, and under floors. Unfortunately, this excess moisture is often very hard to detect until it’s visible as a wet spot. Leak detection in Scottsdale, AZ, is very important.

Water Leaks Lead to Mold

Mold needs a lot of moisture to thrive, and a leaky pipe inside a wall provides just the right environment. Mold can wreck your home’s structure as well as cause allergic reactions to you and your family. Some types of mold are extremely toxic, so it’s important to stop mold growth immediately. If mold is left unchecked, you’ll need professional intervention.

Structural Damage

Water leaks can also weaken the wood beams inside your home as well as encourage termites. Termites love damp wood. Likewise, excess moisture will eventually damage drywall, causing sagging walls and ceilings. Water leaks can also damage flooring and carpeting if not quickly addressed.

Leak Detection

There are several methods of leak detection in Scottsdale , AZ, which include infrared, hydrostatic testing, and laser technology. But the most common method used today for residential homes is with infrared thermography.

Infrared leak detection uses thermal imaging, or a thermography camera, to create a picture of warm and cool spots around your home. Moisture will read as cooler than construction materials, such as your drywall or wood. Infrared thermal imaging cameras are a very cost-effective, diagnostic tool when it comes to the problem of water leaks and mold growth. With proper use, a thermal imaging camera provides very valuable information during leak detection and moisture assessments.

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