Main Tasks to Entrust to a Professional Automotive Service in Columbia MO

As a vehicle owner, you are responsible for keeping it in the best running condition. When you want to use it reliably everyday, you must maintain its most important systems and parts and also take the vehicle in for repairs as needed.

When you lack the time or skills to maintain or repair your car yourself, you need to take it to a professional automotive service in Columbia, MO. These tasks are a few that trained mechanics can handle for you.

Changing the Oil

Changing the oil is one of the most important tasks that an automotive service in Columbia, MO, can take care of for you. You need the oil to be changed every three months or after you have driven the vehicle at least 3000 miles. If you allow the oil to sit in the reservoir longer than this, you could risk the engine misfiring or locking up entirely.

A mechanic can drain the old oil and put in new oil in the reservoir. He or she can also change out the oil filter so that the oil that goes through the engine remains clean.

Replacing the Battery

Mechanics can also change out batteries in cars that have difficulties starting. The battery in your engine can be out of the way and difficult to reach. The mechanic can remove parts as necessary to put in a new one.

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