Making the Most of Your Workout: The Benefits of Muscle Toning Workouts

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So you’ve decided to lose weight, and are shocked to find that what you thought was a simple equation is in fact a complex science. Not only will you shed pounds, but your journey to health will provide the opportunity to tone and firm muscle, let alone increase your overall strength and athleticism.

Among others, consider the following muscle toning workouts to really get your head in the fitness game:

Go Arm-y

From push-ups and pull-ups to curls and extensions, there are countless ways to hone and tone your upper appendages. One of the first and most common parts of your body that people will see, your arms are an ideal canvas on which to showcase your newfound passion for health.

Pop a Squat

Though far from everyone’s favorite drill, squats are an opportune way to build your lower body strength (not to mention lift and tighten your derriere!). Look online or ask your trainer to show you proper form, as this is an exercise that will lead do more damage than advantage if done incorrectly.

Bring A Six Pack

Leave the drinks in the trunk and get to work on the six pack you’ve always wanted: abs! Try tucks and crunches to test your strength, adding reps and upping your pace with more practice over time. Incorporate twists and planks to really work your whole core.

At The MAX Challenge, our integrated approach of fitness, nutrition, and motivation guarantees that you see the results you’ve always dreamed of. Because we know that health is a whole-body experience, our routines include more than just fat-burning techniques,and focus on muscle toning workouts to optimize your strengths and maximize your potential. To learn more about why our pioneer program is the best choice for fitness in South Windsor, contact us online at THE MAX Challenge of South Windsor, CT.