Making Your Divorce Air-Tight So That You Don’t Have to Keep Coming Back

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Divorce is messy. Unless you have a great lawyer to lock down the wording in your divorce case, you may be facing repeated returns to court with your ex over any number of things. If that is a major concern for you, get a really good divorce attorney in Chicago, IL, if you live close to Chicago. Here’s what your divorce attorney in Chicago, IL, can do to prevent repeated visits to court.

Make Divorce Papers Very Clear

Filing for divorce means that you have to make the language of your divorce papers very clear. If there’s any wiggle room for a different interpretation of the language, it may be something your ex can use to drag you back into court again and again. Make sure that everything you are requesting and everything you are willing to give up in the divorce papers is specific and cannot be mistaken for anything other than what it says. Your lawyer can help you with that.

Be Willing to Give up Lesser Items to Gain What Is Most Important to You

While you may be feeling hurt, angry, disgusted, threatened, or even betrayed, it is important to remember that the courts will seek to create equality between divorcing partners. That said, your lawyer will suggest that instead of asking for everything you want or think you’re entitled to, you ask for what is most important and give up what is not as important. Discuss these matters when you speak to Michael Craven.