Possibilities for Holiday Decorating Around Custom Swimming Pools in Tampa

The average high temperature in Tampa in December is 75 degrees, just warm enough to go for a swim. With such mild winter temperatures, homeowners with custom swimming pools in Tampa might want to decorate the pool area for the holiday season. When they entertain guests for Christmas and other holidays, everyone has the option of taking a dip in the pool if the weather is cooperative.

A Decorated Tree

A decorated tree near the pool is a bright touch for the deck. Everyone might even like to open gifts out there on Christmas morning.

Strings of Lights

Adding strings of colored lights around fencing for custom swimming pools in Tampa makes the area particularly festive. People who like crafting could make ping pong ball lights with strings of Christmas lights. In addition to having them on the fence, the lights could be placed over the pool with attachments from one side of the fence to the other.

Floats for the Pool

Floats for the pool can be made or purchased as well. One example is a few floating reindeer. Households that want to be a bit more extravagant might include Santa and a sleigh, all floating on the water. Some products double as floating chairs, such as a red and white one that looks like a round piece of peppermint candy.

Being Creative

Homeowners who have had a custom-designed pool built in their backyard can be especially creative with their outdoor holiday decorating before winter arrives. Individually designed backyard pools can be built by Natural Springs Pools, which provides photos of several completed projects at Naturalspringspools.com.

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