The Most Prevalent Places That You Will Find Bed Bugs in Canberra

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One of the worst pest scourges that you can have in your home is that of a bed bug infestation. These can be hard to get rid of if left to spread so it is crucial that you take care of the problem as soon as possible. Here are the 7 places to check for bed bugs in your home.

Check The Mattress

While this might seem obvious since they have the word bed in their name, it is tough to spot the actual bug. One reason for this is that they actually change color as they grow. What you need to keep your eyes out for are insect eggs, shed skins of the bugs, and small black droppings. These are all tell-tale signs that you have a bed bug problem. If you find anything, you’ll definitely need to contact the Canberra Pest Control professionals for bed bug treatment in Canberra.

Check Your Pillows & Bedding

Bed bugs like to move around so you’ll definitely have to check more than just your mattress. The pillows and bedding are also part of the 7 places to check for bed bugs in your home, especially since there are multiple layers to these items. Once you strip the bed, you will perform the same examination that you did while checking the mattress.

Electrical Outlets

While bed bugs can certainly hide in the small holes that make up outlets, this inspection should be left to the pros doing the bed bug treatment in Canberra. This ensures not only your safety but the safety of the home as well.

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