Three Factors Affecting Window Tinting Jacksonville Fl Prices

Are you thinking of hiring a window tinting Jacksonville, FL, company tint your windows for you? If so, have you researched the various factors that are considered when tinting your windows? Here are the three main components that factor into the price of your window tinting products and services.

Heat Protection
When getting your windows tinted, one of the things you’ll have to consider is the amount of heat protection you want included. If you live in a more temperate climate, heat protection probably isn’t going to be a major consideration. But if you live somewhere hot like Jacksonville FL, you’ll want to get window tint with added heat protection to help keep the inside of your car cool. Ask your window tinting professional about the various degrees of heat protection offered with their product and decide which is best for you.

Percentage of Tint
Window tinting in Jacksonville, FL, products come in a wide variety of tint shades. Most experts agree that you should have at least a 30 percent tint on your windows if you are living in a climate that has four seasons. However, for car owners in Jacksonville FL and other extremely warm climates, getting a 50 percent tint on your windows is often recommended. The stronger the tint, the more the project is going to cost. But it will be worth it when you’re in the dead of summer and the inside of your car stays nice and cool.

With window tinting products, you get what you pay for. You’ve probably seen vehicles driving down the road that have had inferior window tinting products installed in them. You’ve probably noticed that the tinting film has started peeling away and possible even fading to a lighter color. That’s because those products are cheap, and they don’t do the job right. When you visit your window tinting Jacksonville FL specialists, you are getting high quality products that will help improve the appearance of your vehicle rather than make it look like you did the job cheaply.

Knowing that your window tinting purchase is covered under a warranty is a great way to feel confident with your purchase. Your window tinting Jacksonville, FL, professional can tell you about the warranty that they offer and how long the product is supposed to last. Know the difference between the manufacturer’s warranty and the installation warranty so you don’t try to get repairs for something that’s not covered.