Three Features Increasingly Desired in Luxury Home Construction in Minocqua, WI

When men and women are ready to buy residential land and schedule luxury home construction in Minocqua, WI, they have a floor plan selected and a list of features to be included. Contractors keep up with changing trends in the industry in preparation for new challenges presented by their clients.

Dressing Rooms

Spacious walk-in closets have always been popular in the luxury home market, but buyers increasingly want these closets to function as a full dressing room. They want plenty of storage space there, including built-in drawers. Built-in shelves along the walls and overhead shelves above the closets are desirable too. Ideally, the room will have at least one window.

Fitness Centers

A fitness center is often on the list of rooms to be included in luxury home construction in Minocqua, WI. The homeowners will furnish the room with their favorite equipment, but this room is to be designed with specific features. This might be the only room in the home with hardwood flooring, for example. They may want the room to face a private backyard or wooded area on their lot so they can look outside through large windows.

Luxurious Master Bathrooms

Master bathrooms have become more expansive than ever. Many people want double showerheads in a spacious area with frameless doors. They may want a rainfall shower in which the water pours down from directly overhead. An oversized tub on a pedestal or claw feet has come back into favor.

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