Your Family Is Important to the Physicians in Elsinore, California

Feeling bad is awful. However, feeling bad and having to be treated by someone who is a stranger to you is even worse. That is why it’s wonderful to have a family physician in Elsinore, CA, who knows you well. You will want a competent and compassionate doctor in times when you are suffering from illnesses or injuries.

Family Physicians

As the name implies, a family physician can treat your whole family. This is wonderful since young children often bring home illnesses from school, and then pass them to everyone else. The flu can start in a kindergarten student and work it’s way through the home, infecting everyone. A family physician in Elsinore, CA, can treat the whole family when this happens.

From school physicals to immunization shots to preventative measures, your physician should be aware of your health needs at every age. Chronic illnesses should be monitored for changes, which may require additional medications. You may need to have your medications changed to treat advancing illnesses. Maybe your husband has decided to start driving a truck. He will need a DOT physical. Your family physician can handle all of these situations when they are qualified and experienced.

Well-trained physicians can also identify and assess mental illnesses such as depression or anxiety, invisible illnesses that still require medical treatment. A family physician can spot altered mental status. This is just one of the reasons a family physician is so important.

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