Tips For Buying Squid Printer Parts In Kansas City MO

Squid Ink makes a range of inkjet printers for use in the packaging industry. Their high-resolution and large-character printers are well known for producing high-quality logos as well as small-character text and scannable bar codes. While these machines typically have a long working life with proper maintenance, users will need to replace ink and printer parts at some point. The following are some tips for buying squid printer parts in Kansas City MO.

Know The Parts Of An Industrial Inkjet Printer

Although an industrial inkjet printer like a squid works on a larger scale than a home desktop printer, the basic mechanism is the same. An industrial printer uses a continuous supply of ink sprayed through a nozzle onto the target surface. The nozzle mechanism is known as the printhead. Other parts that may need replacement include the controller, the ink tank, the photocell, cables, the mounting bracket, and the print engine.

Make Sure Replacement Is Necessary

Sometimes when a printer malfunctions, the problem is a clogged printhead. If this is the case, the mechanism can be cleaned by a service technician. Cleaning a printhead involves disassembling the printhead, cleaning the face plate, flushing the ink line, and cleaning all other openings. Once all parts have been thoroughly cleaned, they need to be tested for remaining clogs, and then reassembled.

Choose Individual Parts Or Packages

If the printer has a problem that cleaning can’t solve, it may be necessary to replace parts. Squid Ink dealers sell individual parts, but they also offer packages containing several parts that are often replaced together. For example, it may be beneficial to purchase a package that includes a new printhead along with an ink tank, photocell, and cables. Buying these parts together is simpler and sometimes less expensive than ordering the individual parts. In addition, buyers can be sure that all of the parts in a package will work together in a specific type of printer.

Buy From A Reputable Dealer

To find the best squid printer parts in Kansas City MO, it’s important to order parts from a reputable dealer that is familiar with industrial inkjet printers and keeps necessary parts in stock. Find out how to order printer parts online from Gateway Coding.