Ways to Keep Your Family Safe While Using Propane in Your Kamas Home

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Using propane in your home often results in warmer heat throughout. However, there are some tips to keep in mind so that you use the product safely.

Clear Tank

Try to keep items away from the propane tank. If the tank gets too warm or if there is a leak, then the items that are around it could catch on fire. When talking to a company about residential propane in Kamas, Utah, consider asking about a fence that can be constructed around the tank to keep items away.


Make sure your home has smoke detectors as well as detectors for carbon monoxide. When you use propane or gas in your home for heating, there’s always the possibility that carbon monoxide could build up without you knowing. If you have a detector, you can open the windows or get outside before you lose consciousness from the fumes.

Understand the Manual

There should be a manual that comes with the propane tank you install. If there’s not, then consider talking to a company that sells propane so that you have a better understanding of what to expect while it’s being used. Learn about as many of the safety protocols for using propane as you can and signs to look for in the event of a leak.


When you purchase a propane tank for residential propane in Kamas, Utah, you need to look at the pilot light. This light won’t go out while the system is being used. If you notice that the light is out, you might need to call the company to have someone look at the tank or the unit itself to determine if there is anything wrong.