How to Replace an Office Chair Caster for a Business in Michigan

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When the wheels on an office chair break, you don’t have to buy another chair. Instead, you can save money by replacing the damaged casters with a brand new caster wheels in Michigan. This guide will walk you through the entire process.


The first step is to measure the chair’s caster stem. The stem is basically the shaft that extends from the wheel. To get an accurate measurement, you’ll have to remove the caster from the chair. Next, measure the stem’s length with a ruler or a tape measure. When you’re getting the measurement, you won’t have to worry about the end of stem. You can precisely measure and replace a caster stem that’s rounded or flat because both styles will fit. At this point, measure the chair stem’s diameter.

Pick a Proper Caster

There are specific types of casters that are designed for certain surfaces. You can typically roll any caster on a variety of surfaces. However, if you pick the right caster, your chair will roll smoothly and efficiently.

If your office chair is placed on carpeting, you’ll need hard caster wheels. For hard flooring, soft caster wheels work best. Soft-wheel casters can effortlessly guide on linoleum, tile, and wood surfaces. You can also use soft-wheel casters in an environment where there is a chair mat.

By using these strategies, you’ll get the most out of every office chair after a caster breaks. If you need soft or hard caster wheels Michigan for a large or small office space, contact Caster & Equipment Co. at

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