What Homeowners Should Know about Basement Finishing in Simsbury, CT

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A finished basement adds square footage and value to homes. Homeowners choose to finish their basements for extra living space, recreational usage, and more. No matter the reason for finishing one’s lower level it’s important to know a few things about this project before proceeding.

Here are some factors homeowners must know when considering basement finishing in Simsbury, CT.

Address Moisture Problems

Does the basement have any problems with leaks or mold? If so, these moisture problems won’t go away when they’re hidden behind drywall or flooring. Clear up any water issues to make sure the new area is 100% watertight.

Add a Sump Pump or Two

A sump pump reroutes groundwater from the basement during heavy rainfall or if a pipe would burst under the concrete slab. No one wants their finishing project to be marred by flooding. Homeowners can save themselves thousands of dollars in water damage by taking this precaution and installing a sump pump.

Insulate Pipes

Homeowners should discuss insulating their pipes with the contractor before the pipes get boxed in. Placing insulating sleeves over hot water pipe prevents heat loss during the transfer process and keeps other pipes from freezing in the winter.

Hire Professionals

Finally, homeowners should always hire professionals that have experience with basement finishing in Simsbury, CT. Nothing beats expertise and quality workmanship. To get the most value out of the new addition, it must be completed correctly.

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