What to Discuss with a Social Security Lawyer in Holland, MI

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In Michigan, Social Security Disability provides disabled individuals with a monthly payment to help them support themselves. The money provides assistance for individuals who no longer have the ability or never had the ability to work. Reviewing what to discuss with a Social Security lawyer in Holland, MI helps claimants understand what they need to know about taking their claim to court.

The Claimant’s Condition

The claimant’s condition is either mental or physical and prevents them from getting a job in any industry. The condition must have a severe impact on the individual and cause a debilitating state. The claim must include information about the doctor that treated the patient and information about how the condition was treated.

The Exact Reason for the Denial

The Social Security Administration provides an exact reason for the denial in the letter sent to the claimant. The information must show a reason that falls within the guidelines of Social Security laws. If the agency denied benefits unlawfully, then the claimant has a viable legal claim against them.

Reviewing All Medical Evidence

The attorney reviews all medical evidence provided by the claimant. The details are reviewed to ensure that the claim has adequate evidence to support the individual’s claim in court. Any discrepancies are managed by contacting their doctors and getting all the files that weren’t in the claim. The purpose is to build a more substantial case when presenting it to the court.

Correcting All Mistakes

Any mistakes found in the original claim are managed by the attorney, too. They are familiar with the processes and understand what information is needed the most from claimants. Any additional problems are corrected before the claim is presented to the judge. Any unlawful denials are addressed by the judge, too.

In Michigan, Social Security Disability is a program that helps disabled individuals support themselves. The funds offer financial help when the individual isn’t able to work in any industry. The Social Security Administration must provide an exact reason for any denial of benefits. Claimants who need help from a Social Security lawyer in Holland, MI can contact Bleakley Law Offices P C for an appointment right now.