Why Renting a Forklift Is Much Smarter Than Buying One for Your Company

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When you need the use of a forklift, you might think that you should buy one so that you have one whenever necessary. However, this is actually not the best idea. In fact, a forklift rental is probably your best option. There are many reasons why this is so.

No Maintenance

When you rent a forklift, you are not responsible for any of the required maintenance on it because this is all handled by the rental company. So if something like the forklift battery needs to be replaced, they will handle that. This relieves you of a great deal of money and cash expenditures.

Temporary Needs

Most companies do not need a forklift on a permanent basis. They use it so infrequently that a forklift rental is truly the best option. By renting instead of owning, you can prevent having to spend money that your business could use on other things.

Extra Services

When you do business with a rental agency, they may also provide services that would cost you extra money if you were the owner of the forklift instead of a renter. Such things as providing an additional forklift battery in case you drain the installed one are just a few of the perks that a rental agency can provide you.

If you need to rent a forklift, please contact Russell Equipment, Inc. They can show what models they have available and you can choose what one works best for you. You will be pleased with their selection.