Dental Implants In Charleston SC Can Eliminate The Gap From A Missing Tooth

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Teeth can be missing for a variety of reasons. An illness or injury are the two primary causes of this condition. A missing tooth can cause shifting of the remaining teeth and cause problems with speaking and properly chewing food. When the teeth shift, it will change the bite in someone’s mouth and could cause damage to the other teeth. Replacing a missing tooth with Implants in Charleston SC can eliminate this problem permanently. An implant will look and feel just like a natural tooth. They can be brushed, cleaned, and flossed the same way a regular tooth is treated.

The teeth help to form the shape of someone’s face and when some are missing, it can give a sunken appearance to someone’s facial features. Dental Implants in Charleston SC are titanium posts that are placed in the jaw. A thorough examination of the bone structure will have to be evaluated by a dentist before this type of procedure occurs. A patient must have a sturdy bone structure for the post to be inserted. A dentist will sedate a patient and create a tiny opening in the gums and bone. Healing could take several weeks before a permanent crown is glued to the post.

One tooth or several teeth can be replaced with this type of procedure. They are comfortable and feel like someone’s natural teeth. An implant can last a lifetime. Individuals that have dentures can benefit from a dental implant helping to keep them in place. They can be inserted into the lower or upper jaw. X-rays and molds must be taken of the current teeth so the implant will fit perfectly into the alignment of the teeth. This type of procedure can take several treatments to complete. In some cases, a dental implant may need to be periodically tightened by a dentist if it becomes loose.

If you’re interested in improving the appearance of your smile due to missing teeth, dental implants are definitely worth considering. Bridges and other types of dental appliances can eliminate the problem, but they’re not a permanent solution. Visit Solomon Family Dentistry and find out more about how this type of procedure can help you.