Improve Your Candidate Screening Process with an Employment Assessment Test

Competition on the job market is intense for both applicants and hiring teams alike. Applicants want to land a job and build their careers, while HR teams want to land the talent they need to build a successful team. At their best, employee assessments can help bring both halves together to create a greater whole, and here’s how.

Calibrated for Success

One reason why administering an employment assessment test is so popular nowadays is the fact that they are thought to be a great way of screening candidates. HR teams only have so many slots and employees only have so much time. Employee assessments help ensure the best overall fit so no one wastes their time in interviews that aren’t going to lead to anything by screening out incompatible applicants.

Among the features employed by employee assessments to help attain this goal are:

• Graphical and numerical analyses that help quantify key traits to help determine a candidate’s suitability for a given role
• Natural as well as adapted behavioral profiles of a candidate’s ability to adapt to your job requirements and respond to stress
• Developmental guides for training purposes
• Quantified display of a candidate’s work style
• Methods of communication most likely to work for the candidate
• Areas in which the candidate can improve

Choosing the Right Test

Different candidates have different strengths, and different tests are better suited to evaluate them. On sites such as Aptitude Analytics, you’ll be able to choose from a wide range of employment assessment test options, helping you find the right one to help you screen your candidates.

Interview a better way with the best employee assessments today.