Is Active Release Therapy The Right Choice?

There are many different methods used by physiotherapists to help people of all ages manage pain, increase mobility, and promote healing of joints and soft tissue throughout the body. Different physiotherapy clinics and practices throughout Strongsville, OH, may recommend various methods for the treatment of pain and mobility problems.

One of the most recent options available to patients in the top physical therapy practices in Strongsville, OH, and across the country is active release therapy Strongsville, OH (ART). Unlike other types of soft tissue massage and manipulation, this therapy actively engages the muscles during the process, speeding up the breakdown of scar tissue that is limiting or preventing muscle movement.

The Basics of the Technique

Physiotherapists using active release therapy Strongsville, OH include a different technique that traditional options in manual therapy. ART uses precise, pinpoint pressure on an actively engaged muscle rather than sweeping strokes used in deep muscle massage.

As the therapist applies specific pressure, she or he will instruct you to move the limb and hold it in various positions of extension. This combination of pinpointed pressure, muscle extension, and holding the muscle in place provides a full release, allowing the muscle to stretch naturally.

While used for muscle pain, active release therapy Strongsville, OH is also effective in addressing pain and mobility issues that involve ligaments, tendons, and fascia. Fascia is the thin layer of connective tissue that provides an internal structure to support the body organs and tissues. The fascia, like other tissue, contains nerves which send pain signals to the brain.

Like all physiotherapy techniques, ART may be used in conjunction with other physical therapy methods to treat all existing issues. The number of sessions required to treat the condition will depend on several factors, including the level of scar tissue and the area of the body impacted by pain.

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