The Harmful Effects of Chemical Drain Cleaner for Plumbing Needs in Riverside CA

A clogged drain is probably one of the most common household issues. Depending on the size of a family, use of the pipes, and the care given for routine maintenance, some drains are more likely to see backup than others.

An age-old practice for cleaning drains was pouring a mixture of good old vinegar and baking soda down drain then rinsing a few moments later. Over the years, however, many chemical brands for drain cleaning have popped up on the market. While these cleaners can be quick fixes and often times rid the drain of whatever was obstructing it, too much use can have serious consequences.

Drain cleaners use harsh chemicals that are often not compatible with pipes. Older pipes are at risk of erosion from the chemicals, while newer or plastic ones can be damaged as the chemicals create heat. Most homeowners aren’t aware of the type of piping under their sinks and bathtubs, so they won’t know what kind of damage has occurred until much later. Although it probably seems easier to simply pick up a bottle of drain cleaner at the neighborhood store, think about calling a professional to do the job instead.

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